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skyrim - Where can you acquire massive amounts of Soul Gems ...
Nov 15, 2011 . I would like to buy lots and lots of Soul Gems. . (Aside from Collette at the Mages College, and the Wizard in Dragons Reach, I can't find .


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Grand Soul Gems [Archive] - G4tv.com Forums
Where can I find some grand soul gems in oblivion? I already went to the arcane university. I'll go to other mage's guilds next. but where else? . Just buy.... forgot what it was call something like liar off xbl and theres a pool that .

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Black Soul Gem (Skyrim) - The Elder Scrolls Wiki
Additionally, Magic Anomalies drop Black Soul Gems filled with Grand souls. They are available for purchase from Enthir, a mage of The College of Winterhold , .

Oblivion:Soul Gem - UESPWiki
Apr 29, 2012 . Grand, Greater, Common, Lesser and Petty soul gems: all except Petty share . a soul gem, and do not get changed when you fill the soul gem with a soul. . Ceyatatar Gorihame; Chorrol Mages Guild; Chorrol Mage's Guild .

re: What can I do with Soul Gem Fragments? - Page 2 - The Elder ...
you know, as long as you are not the arch mage, Ethnir at the . Even though I'm holding over 100k+ gold I'm too cheap to buy some ebony ingots lol. . I guess if you use a higher soul gem to recharge an enchanted item that .

How to Get a Full Soul Gem in Oblivion | eHow.com
Empty and full soul gems can be purchased from several mages guilds and magic . Purchase the soul trap spell from any of the mage guilds in the game.

Skyrim: Black Soul Gem Location (HD 1080p) - YouTube
Nov 16, 2011 . The? fastest way to acquire is to to buy black soul gems from npc. In morthal, I forgot the name, hes a mage npc and knows how to cure .

Where can I find 5 empty grand soul gems? - The Elder Scrolls IV ...
There are 3 in the University Lobby to get, and the rest in Chorrol's Mages Guild, and you should get enough empty soul gems. (Something like 7-10 if you .

locations of 7 grand soul gems *spoilers* - GameFront Forums
Mar 30, 2006 . There are 3 more grand soul gems in the Chorrol mages guild in the room behind there you get the first one. not sure what soul level they are .

Petty Souls in bulk - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Neoseeker Forums
Also you can buy soul gems from general traders and from the mages in the college in Winterhold. -------------------. In the first place God made .

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