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Air conditioner specs: watts vs Btu/hr
"A conversion exists for BTU to watts, but it does not apply in this instance. Air conditioners are rated by how much heat they can remove from a .


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Energy Units and Conversions
1 Watt is the power from a current of 1 Ampere flowing through 1 Volt. 1 kilowatt is a . A BTU (British Thermal Unit) is the amount of heat necessary to raise one pound of water by 1 degree Farenheit (F). . Gas Volume to Energy Conversion .

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Convert Btu per hour to watt - Conversion of Measurement Units
Quickly convert Btus/hour into watts (Btu per hour to watt) using the online calculator for metric conversions and more.

Watts to Btus (IT)/Hour Conversion Calculator
Use the following calculator to convert between watts and Btus (IT)/hour. If you need to convert watts to other units, please try our universal Power Unit Converter .

Btu to Watts Hour (WH) Conversion
Btu to watts hour (wh) energy converter table. How many watts hour in a btu ?

BTU to watts (W) conversion calculator
BTU per hour (BTU/hr) to watts (W) power conversion calculator and how to convert.

How do you convert BTU to KW
1 BTU equals 0.0002928 kilowatt-hour 1 BTU/minute equals 0.01757 kilowatt. To convert a watt to BTUs, the factor is 1 kilowatt of power = 3412.1416 BTU/hr .

Conversion Factors — Infoplease.com
Below are instructions for converting factors, including changing acres to hectares, . See also the Infoplease.com conversion calculator . Btu/hour, watts . 2931 .

Electric Heater Information | BTUs, Volts, and Watts
To convert watts to BTUs and vice versa, here are the conversion ratios: 1 watt = approximately 3.41 BTU/hour. 1000 BTUs/hour = approximately 293 watts .

Unit Conversion Tools
Energy and Work Conversion - joule, foot-pound, kilowatt-hour, BTU, Calorie... Power Conversion - watt, kilowatt, BTU/hour, calories per second, horsepower.

How do you convert Watts into BTU's
How do you convert Watts into BTU's? . The conversion is not direct, since watts are units of power, while BTU/Hr represents . Convert watts to BTU per hour?

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