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Create Dependent Drop Down Lists
Contents at a Glance. Create the Named Ranges; Excel Books from Amazon; Apply the Data Validation . Click in the Name Box and enter a range name for the list. This name must . Allow: drop list; In the Source: box enter =INDIRECT($ E2) .


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Excel, named ranges and INDIRECT()
Excel, named ranges and INDIRECT(). by Mathias 22. April 2008 11:34. I am just wrapping up a project which involved adding some new functionality to an .

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Excel Name Trick #7: INDIRECT function, Names and LOOKUP ...
Jun 13, 2008 . you are the God of Excel!! Indirect formula is not working i think there's something wrong with data validation when i m selecting the range of .

Excel Magic Trick # 252: Text Cell Range In A Function - YouTube
Feb 12, 2009 . See how to use a cell range typed into a cell in a function. . The INDIRECT function takes text that represents a reference and converts it to a reference. . Excel Magic Trick 251 Formula Unique List within Unique Listby .

Data Validation - Creating Dependent drop down list in Excel | Tips ...
May 31, 2011. how to create a dependent list in Excel data validation using Indirect . There is an easy option available to create name for selected range.

Summing Values In a Range Specified By Indirect Cell ... - Excel Tips
Excel 2007 Tutorials; Books. F1 · F1 Formulas and . Summing Values In a Range Specified By Indirect Cell References . Column A contains a list of numbers.

Daily Dose of Excel » Blog Archive » INDIRECT and Dynamic Ranges
Mar 1, 2005 . Daily posts of Excel tips…and other stuff . Most Honorable Excel Guy » . In my attempts, INDIRECT(dynamic range) doesn't work for LIST .

How to Create Multiple Linked Dropdown Lists in Excel
Jun 26, 2009 . If you have a range of values that people are required to enter . Choose List again, but this time type in “=indirect(E2)” into the Source. Instead .

Excel INDIRECT Function/Formula. Uses for the INDIRECT Formula ...
It is a work-around of Excel's "Pickfrom list" option which only includes text. . Let's look at some ways you canrestrict your range to only the cells needed.

Dynamic named range not working when referred with indirect
The named range is named as follows : "iec_air" There is also another . to = indirect("iec_"&"air") and use the new name as your validation list? . Excel: How to set list data validation to point to a column in a named range .

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