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Ports Thoughts: How to remove a security ink tag
Mar 8, 2007 . After all - it would just take a bit of brute force to rip it off and all would be well . I' m not too knowledgable about magnets and security tags! lol .


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How to remove security tags on clothes | Sunnyvale | Yelp
Sep 13, 2006 . I noticed this site while I tried to figure a way to get a security tag off a pair of pants. I called them an they told me to take back to the store I .

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Hidden security tags in Old Navy jeans - Wolfstad
Jan 22, 2006 . Anyway, I just dismantled a plastic security tag with pliers as I'm now across the Pacific Ocean from the store that forgot to take it off. Apr 15 .

Removing security tags - security retail antishoplifting | Ask ...
So I bought a shirt today, and they forgot to remove the security tag. . And, of course, I ruined a pair of pants trying to take one of these off at .

How to Take Off Security Tags? - Answers.Ask.com
Montecki: Security tags are taken off at the register when you purchase an item. If your clerk forgot to take the tag off then you will need to go back to the store .

The Art of Shoplifting – The absolute guide to shoplifting without ...
I did get a nice set of TV trays and an entertainment center. It's easy peasy! If they do stop you. It was a mistake! As far as security tags, I take them off, every .

How to Remove a Security Tag (narrated) -- the beep is a cell phone ...
Oct 29, 2007 . It is my friends cell phone going off. . How to remove security tags using Neodymium Magnets.3gpby . Yes! it worked to get it off my belt!

SA forgot to remove a security tag from my jeans... [Archive ...
My boyfriend got a shirt from GP and they didn't take the security tag off, and he couldn't go back for a while due to work and other things.

How to Remove the Security Tags From Clothing | eHow.com
Many clothing security tags are filled with ink. If you have ever . back unless you break it. That is why you take it apart instead of using brute force to break it off.

How to Remove a Security Tag - How To Articles
They sound off alarms once the security tag is passed through it. . Take the screwdriver or any thin flat tool like a saw blade and lift up one of the metal locks that .

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